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Man Cave Sports & Collectibles founder

My dream has always been to bring people together over sports. To meet and interact with people from all walks of life. Talking, sharing, comparing cards and stories is just great fun! To me this is about building the community and relationships over a common bond. I am married with a large family and want to teach them values and respect. Whether it's for the players from the good old days or the up and coming young people with huge dreams. Sports has always been a part of our America history and culture. Sports is relatable and a great teaching tool in life. It gets people talking-good and bad! My personal collection is Orlando Magic for basketball and Oakland Raiders for football, I love the unique and crazy cards. Autographs, jersey cards, pieces of the floor board, anything different!


I can help you complete a set, or get that one of a kind card framed and protected for you! We will be doing box breaks on a regular basis. Fantasy football, drafts, Super Bowl, March Madness - any time there is a major sporting event we will have specials and promotion to go right along with it. I list ton's of stuff and I have to price it so I list everything at the book price. However everything is OBO. SERIOUS offers will always be entertained. Thanks.

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Man Cave Sports & Collectibles Founder & Family
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